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CLAY Theme Development Weekend

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 4:00 PM

This past weekend was incredible! I knew going into this weekend that it was going to be like nothing I had ever experienced and I was right on that front! I learned so much about myself, my faith and I met some very amazing people! Oh, I also learnt what sleep deprivation feels like too!:P

                All kidding aside, this weekend was an amazing experience! I would have never guessed in a million years that a group of complete strangers would come together so tightly and be able to accomplish some amazing things! Which is a feeling I don't think I can quite fully describe! What was also almost as equally amazing is that the same group would be willing to practice 12-14 hours a day while only getting 6 or less hours of sleep a night! But we did, everyone did! Though we may have had access to chocolate covered coffee beans and the coffee maker may have had excessive use, that wasn't what kept us going this weekend!

                Our energy came from something much more abundant then anything grown on this earth and it was very evident this weekend! I have never been anywhere where everyone was so motivated and so energized by what they were working towards! We discussed many bible passages while working on theme planning and we were asked to discuss what we thought each passage meant. I found myself thinking "we've all heard these passages many times before and heard an explanation for them, so we'll all have the same opinion." I could have not been more wrong!

                Not only were there so many different meanings that people came up with for each passage, they were all profound. They all had a great message and a great theme we could use! It just goes to show that there is no one right answer; that was something else I was completely blown away by! Have you ever been at a place where some major decisions are being made and there isn't a little bit of tension over difference in opinions? Well I have never heard so many different in opinions in my life, but there wasn't any tension, in fact, the exact opposite happened! With every persons reflections, things became that much more clear, we got more and more energy with all the different views being expressed. It was like with each person another avenue was being explored that some of us had never traveled down before. Needless to say we had some very profound discussions that lead to the making of some great themes for the gathering! We also had Scott Evans, who will be the keynote speaker for the gathering, with us at this planning weekend!

                It was an amazing resource to have Scott with us! Dubbed "the walking bible" by a few of us,  Scott added such great insight to the ideas that were being discussed and was able to reinforce some of the ideas with scripture. I can't honestly say I have ever seen anything like that before! We'd be talking about something and BAM, Scott would add "here is a story from the bible that exactly demonstrates the idea you had"! I'd very much like to say that I could quote the bible with such accuracy but I'm afraid my head is probably too full of lyrics of music from the last three decades to be able to make that claim!

                Which brings me to my part in this weekend, which was to practice and pick music for the LGG's with the band. I spent pretty much all of my weekend with the band,except for breaks and the meals in between practicing (and maybe the occasional break to watch the Olympics), so I got to know them pretty well! I mean for only knowing everyone for 4 days in person I couldn't believe how well everything worked out! The music sounded great, the laughter we shared was such a great recharge and the friendships that were made while working towards a cause that means so much to all of us is the cherry on top of a very meaningful, exhausting (I'm viewing this as a good thing!) and all around fantastic weekend!

                I can say that this weekend has left me with so much energy and excitement for the months ahead of us and especially the gathering. I hope that everyone who is coming to the CLAY gathering in Kamloops finds it as "Worth It" as I already have (I also experienced every single pun including the words"Worth It" this weekend! :P). I know that the coming months will be challenging so any prayers for everyone involved with CLAY (including the participants) would be great! I know I cannot wait to worship with everyone and learn even more about my faith and meet people from all across Canada who want to learn more about themselves and their faith as well!



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